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Posted by: mgoldenberg
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You know, if you spend your days looking for ways to piss in other people’s coffee, you shouldn’t be surprised or offended when one of them shiits in your cereal.

This is the game you have chosen to play. It doesn’t seem to be going well for you. You should consider stopping your assaults, even the passive-aggressive ones and perhaps others will stop pummeling you in kind.

Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Now I will make one thing perfectly clear.
I am all in on this one. No turning back.

I will not be treated, or watch any member be treated, by an awards committee member the way Mr. Marc A. Goldenberg has been treating me.

The man is the absolute bottom of the barrel.

I am going to make lots of complaints and anyone wishing to be in the crosshairs is welcome.
So he shuts up, or leaves the office.

Good day everyone.

Oh my.

Better call the RCMP Robert.


Canadians like Robert are such P U S S I E S

You will once again find yourself on the losing end of your feud. Let it go.

So, maybe you need to step off the gas?

All these comments by others are because you and your funky-pony buddies go on and attack everybody thinking you’re above the rules.

You need to go back and see all the ignorant, racist, bigotted comments you’ve made to many and re-assess your social strategy: Bottom line - It ain’t working for you!

The people you insult: You’ve never met them and you don’t have a clue what their life is all about!

Sad to see you prefer destroying chance of improving your circumstances to try to impress who exactly? A couple of equally ignorant j*ckoffs who don’t have the bearings to discuss directly but rather take the backstabbing approach, using you to do their dirty work…

Even more sad to see you don’t get that!

Amazing how he just doesn’t see it!

There is no fixing STUPID

Yup! :roll:

Hi Pat, how ya been? ~ good post!
Regards! :smiley:

Mr. Goldenberg, I respect a civic request and will abide by that.
Unfortunately you lack moral ethics and the ability to be taken seriously.
Wishing you all the best with your endeavors.

What on earth was that crap?

Can’t we all just get along. It’s not that hard to be civil to each other and act like professionals.

With this bunch that is truly funny!:smiley:

Uh, NO.

You’re one to talk, you old curmudgeon!