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Posted by: rlewis5
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You make me laugh!
F**k you again! LOL!
Dirt ball!

You don’t even have a website…

Members are not moderated. Grow some thicker skin.

Some don’t have to be mean, they just choose too. :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

…or just stock up…

Roy doesn’t have a choice.

It’s who he is :mrgreen:

Ooh. InterNACHI Certified Tissues, for those big tears. Maybe there is room for another vendor of InterNACHI products… :shock:

Roy ain’t our brightest bulb, but he does what he can, so we make allowance for him.

Grow thicker skin. Mr. Yeung is not the person you want to emulate.

Don’t forget…

Wow Jeff, I’ve never seen those.

Did you pull that off of ISG site??? :mrgreen:

Will they be available with a buy-back-guarantee?