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Whats the problem?
The guy swung by to say hello.

I agree BOB I see posts made by members that are far worse and no seems concerned .

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the “Ask Nachi” section is moderated Mario. Plus, what is wrong with the post?

Twas I and I don’t see a problem.

And I agree with Roy and others:

I agree with Mario.

Todd is not a member…or even a home inspector. Others have selected posts made by non-members that they felt to be offensive. Entitling a thread with an acronym for “What the Fukc” could certainly be deemed offensive.

I see Members post WTF all the time, what the hell is the big deal.?
Some other posts have language far more offensive.
Give the guy a break, he might join us again if we stop all the nonsense.
There was nothing wrong with his post. Like Bob said, he stopped to say hello.
The title kind of blends in with everything else anyways.

And good afternoon to you all. Hope you all had a good day. :):smiley:

Seen alot worst

I’ve seen a lot worst from you my friend!

Just think what he would look like coming out of the shower. Can’t get much worse than that

From me?

What would be worst is you standing there watching me lol

Not from you Wayne…from Mario!


LOL ok Marcel
See that Sean it wasn’t about me, Now you owe me Lunch for Making the shower statement.

wtf is wrong with What the Fȗck