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Post: New home sales hit record low in January
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Posted by: kpierce
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I do not agree with the photo of Jesus he posted…but I see nothing in his post that is any more offensive than the photo of urine stained pants that Larson and McKKKenna posted to describe another NACHI member.

Much like their BFF, Palin…they can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

I had nothing to do with that and it was not posted in the publicly viewable portion of the message board.

Further more members posts are not moderated.

If Kevin Pierce wishes to become a member he can then have access to the members only sections and post what ever he wishes within the constraints of each message board section.

His post is not any more offending than what is typical in discussing these issues on this board.

I think if he used similar language to agree with you, we would not be having this conversation.

So you have no problem with him posting a picture of Christ giving the bird and later attackimg member inspectors.

He can join and use the NFE section all he wants but doing this in public is inappropriate and in violation of the message board rules.

How do you know who that was a picture of?
I see no cross in the background.
I thought it was Osama Bin Laden.

Why is it OK for members to make asses of them selves but not Kevin.?

Perhaps like all Rightists, you want everyone to conform to your personal ideas…


If you can’t differentiate between the public and members only sections of the board I cannot help you.:roll::roll:

Whereas there is no moderation of a member. Mr Pierce has at his own option the ability to join and post whatever he likes. As a non member he is subject to moderation. Therefore since he chooses to act in this manner, he should return to moderated status or join, one of the two.

Those who are arguing for his continued non-moderated status are those who have expressed similar attitudes, and if they were non-members they should be moderated as well.

Once again, the choice is to join, or be moderated. So he should be moderated until such a time he pays for the right to be un-moderated as the rest of us have.

We need more Govt intervention on the message board.

Thats just funny…I don’t care who ya are

Bob, you’re making an *** of yourself.

I recommend you quit while you’re ahead.

Yes Bob…How could you even dare to think differently than me? If you tend to do so your WRONG! Damn lefties thats what I hate about them. They think with their heads instead of listening to Rush and Beck and the boys. Free thinking its what is killing the real AMERICA.

Are you trying to be funny Russel, or are you being a typical liberal who is attempting to degrade the opposition with your sarcasm?

You might be taken more seriously if you simply stated real facts to argue your point instead of innuendo.

Of course I understand why you can’t do that… so I suppose it is okay for you to act like that which you are…I wouldn’t realistically expect anything else.

Well played, BK. :mrgreen:

So do you have an opinion or are you just playing post turtle again?

I simply apreciate the irony. :mrgreen:

I thought BK phrased it well. Kudos to him.

I don’t have to have an opinion on everything - some things just make me smile.

Please elaborate.

I always figured JC was Black.
Does that bother anyone?

How many black Jews do you know?

Does or does not include Sammy Davis.jr?

How many Jews do you know in the farmlands?

Back then there were.

:roll::roll:Was he descended from Abraham?

I know quite a few Jews.