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Post: The Science of Homosexuality
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Posted by: mlarson
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Don’t click on it and don’t read it if it offends you. Read the warning.
Members post are not moderated.

Well perhaps they should be!

I’ve stated this before: This is what comes up on my iPhone app for the site for most recent posts. That’s the problem and I’m positive it’s not just on my iPhone but other members phone applications as well.

I have no indication that it is in a members only or not for everyone as you suggest. If this behavior doesn’t cease, I will use one of Mike Larson’s sneaky tricks and copy and paste it into a public forum as he did with one of my posts and make the individuals who are writing this tripe public as well!

Consider this a fair warning.

This is a disgrace to an otherwise honorable organization and for those who promote bigotry, intolerance and filth you shall reap your reward.

Nick Grominko should take whatever measures necessary to stop this. Certainly he cares more about HIS brainchild than to allow this to continue…Nick?

Get over it .

Probably not a good idea…:shock:

There is also an ignore feature that can be used. You know, by now, who you want on it.

I’ll get over it when i see this type of behavior condemned by every member of InterNachi. Until then consider this a fair warning. I will see this through… That you can depend on!

Very well then. I condemn this behavior of making silly reports about members posts made within the private NFE section of the forum.

I personally find all sorts of posts to that section to be offensive. I can live with it. We have no right to demand not to be offended. Get used to being offended or spend your time in other sections of the form or that other board that you try to lure people over to from this forum (Now that’s something that should get you banned here).

If you quote from the NFE section of the forum put on the public part of the forum then you will be in violation of forum rules. That is a very fast way to get banned. Let it go.

When I go to the store, there are certain magazines that I don’t read. They are legal, but I don’t like the content. I just simply avoid them. Try it. It works.

Rick, people can say whatever they want in members only.Who cares.Man up and get even.Your potential clients and business will not be affected so look at these jerks as school yard bullies.Just have fun and remember there are idiots here you can not control.

Don’t you have something better to spend your valuable time on than fighting about a post? Everyone has a right to an opinion and if you can’t handle that, stop reading posts. Go do some marketing or something else productive. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Rick, I agree whole-heartedly. It is offensive and irresponsible and whether individuals want to admit it or not, it takes the right to free speech too far and represents us and those individuals poorly. To be honest with you, this section shouldn’t even exist. Personally, I don’t want to know what your political and moral views are anymore than anyone cares about mine. They really don’t belong here. We somehow turn into 12 year olds in this section and maturity and professionalism cease to exist. Unfortunately, some of these folks post such strong views and in such an aggressive manner that it is hard to hear them when they are attempting to be professional. I don’t think it represents any of us well. Turning a blind eye to it is symptomatic of what happens in this country. If this is what this section is about, it needs to go…and we should simply stick to what we all signed up here for and that is the business of home inspection. Shame on the leaders in this organization for not seeing this and taking and allowing these irresponsible and hateful thoughts to be shared. Being a leader means you will stand up for what is right whether you agree or not. Offending our member is not ever right. If we want people to view us as professionals, then it is time to look at the purpose of this section, it’s usefulness and ourselves in the mirror. I call on the leadership to step up. That means those of you who have been here a while and should be leading by example. We are all adults. This stuff doesn’t belong here.

Well you pontificating on others is more than a little ironic.

Did posting a science article offend you some how?

Why would that be?

Are you anti science rosy?

Hey Larson
You are on notice. You copy and pasted to a public forum my inspectors unite while listing my name at the top. I get it. It was also in a members only category.
You play the sword and so shall you live by the sword. What’s at hand has nothing to do with your opinion but rather your sleazy behavior.

You are so pathetic.

I have no idea what you are referring to.

If what you say happened have Nick move the post to NFE

He does it all the time.

You appear to be the instigator in most of what I find wrong with this NFE forum. You and your infidelity group. Again, you are in notice.
Furthermore if you copy and paste to a public forum on Internachi that’s one thing.
You placed it where it was on Google and it listed my name at the top. That’s was intentional. Like I said, you wanna play by those rules you shall live with them as well…

What do you not understand about NOT FOR EVERYONE?

You seem to qualify.

Show me a google search that is causing you a problem.

I looked and nothing.

If something inadvertently got posted in public have Nick move it.

If you are ahead of me…
We’re walking backwards.

The offending post was a link to an article someone wrote. How immature to be offended and waste so much time over such minor trivia. Grow up. The NFE section is for raw debate and uncensored opinions. The ability to ignore someone will earn you much more respect than crying about a little post on the back pages of the forum.

Wisdom of a fool.

What a putz