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Post: Daughters Seizures
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Posted by: hcastle
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I think its suspicious but who knows. This type thing goes on all the time.

What makes you think so?

If it smell like crap , Looks like crap ! Then crap.
Just think about it. If this was real Nick ( And I believe I know him a little) He would have gave already.
I have my charities that I give to annually. Here is the link and I for one am a contributor. Saint Jude’s Children Hospital is my favorite.
I say give to whom you know will do the very best for your contribution.
Those children really need us.Oh yes they do. Darn it ! It makes me sad. If you are near just take the tour. I cried and now, at this moment reminiscing I’m tearful! Yep!
How would I feel if one of my darling grandbabies came down with cancer.
When I get to Heaven (if I do) I’m talkin’ to God about this. Kids should be free to love a grow nothing more and nothing less.
If you can get by this link without opening your wallet ! You are beyond hope. And if it makes you feel better it is a write off.
Remember the Law of Reciprocity.
I’m sad!

I feel the same way… Take me, but no one between 0-21, it’s not right at all.

When you go through something where a small child is ill or seriously hurt, you realize the injustice it really is. People have questioned their faith over this (I know I have).

St Jude is VERY COOL!
I give annually to the cause for these kids.

I support St. Jude as well.


It isn’t about faith Brother. It rains or the just and the unjust.
I have made a good living , but the secret (if there is one) is giving.
I was a hard head at the maximum. I chased the dollar relentlessly .
Then I discovered the Law I mention in an early post.
The Law Of Reciprocity.
Really ! If you want to make more then give more.

Just give it a little try! Think giving more to the person that waits on your table. That law come into effect here as well.
Try it! Nothing to lose, but bunches to gain.
Please tell me later how it comes out…OK?

The more you give with a good heart the abundance will never cease.
Good heart being the key.

+1 Roy.