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Post: Canadians get 1/2 off of any InterNACHI School tuition including House of Horrors.
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What a waste of oxygen!


Great post!

I missed the original. Thanks for putting it up here so I could see it too. Someone has a special talent for running off the rails.

OK Len.
Why did you use this type of media.

Use your own words Len.
It affects me visually.

To further my reply, I am stating for the record, Leonard Inkster is using this type of media to induce an epileptic type of seizure, or induce a memory flashback knowing full well I was in a severe car accident at 14 years of age which almost took my life.

This type of media can induce an an epileptic type of seizure or memory flash back from someone who has sustained this type of injury, or has been in a severe car accident during their lifetime.

He does not want to use words to argue his points against a man he claims to have a sixth grade reading level.

I find that highly unethical, immoral, and without conscience, from a man that claims to be highly educated and ex-military.

Please reply in your defence Leonard Inkster.

As well, ask Nick Gromicko to open a thread to the public.
We can argue the points I have put to you like adults, but I will not use streaming media that may affect someone’s health.

Your highly educated background, to mine. Someone that did not graduate high school.

I await your reply.

So do not look at it.

Mr. Jonas

I do believe you should apologize to Daffy, To suggest that Daffy looks like Young is a discredit to Daffy.

Now please apologize to our feathered friend

Yours Truly
Jim Mosiuk

You should stay off the internet. It is a far too dangerous place for you.

We’ll miss your salient conributions

Jeffrey, Thanks for the comic “relief”. I was getting PTSD from the garbage some members were spewing on their computers.

Anytime my friend! :wink:

In Florida you cannot be considered for home inspector licensing without the bare minimum.
Probably most states or Canada??