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Post: Homeowner added soil/raised the grade. Did that stop water from entering basement?
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Posted by: manderson7
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kiss my stinky azz you chump

That’s nothing new.
Most of us here know you’re not too bright Roy, no wonder you failed as a contractor.

And you have always failed as an HI Slimas…Right?

F u ** k you where you breath you bastard.

I’m liking this…Fresh stupid meat.
You are done.

Mark has been here for years.
He’s here as a guest of Nick.
You’re the fresh meat dummy.

Then Nick has a bad judge of character .
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Do not mess with “The Bubber”

Roy are there a lot of basements in the swamp ?..give it a rest on this one as you should .

I’m done with it…
Thanks Robert

Thanks Roy

I’m scared.

Roy isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. Cut him some slack please.:wink:

That was a possibility that crossed my mind, but I did not want to be too rude.


Louie-Lewis is just another example of a home inspector who thinks he knows all or enough of this subject and instead of looking at the many photos posted and understanding the facts, truth on this friggin subject from I of the last honest, experienced mfrs in this business, just blows it all off, arrogant sob. These HI’s could take that info/facts to ummm, help themselves stay outta possible trouble (lawsuit, lose fee) AND, help their clients better, but NOOooo. Marcel and others here trrrry to get through to these terds too BUTT, nooooooo, they know everything.

So when ‘some’ HI’s get sued, lose inspection fees due to their arrogant bullshtt and incompetence, i say, bend over more and take it deeper, you deserve it.

We have several contractors/builders that ran their businesses into the ground and turned to home inspection as a source of income. Go figure.
You, Marcel and others always offer sound advice but they think they know better.
If it smells like a turd, it must be a turd.

loooooooooolOOOLLllllllllllooolllllll, funny, ‘if it smells like a TURD it must be a TURD’!!!
Yes sir!!!

Eat Me Marcel.

This has nothing to do with basements. And yes there are a few here in north Florida.

After further information about Mark Anderson I have discovered he is a professional in moisture intrusion. I withdraw this reported post.
But Mark please come across as a professional.
Please accept my apology…OK ?

Roy Lewis