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Post: Jeffrey R. Knight the Vendor
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Posted by: mmeeker
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Oh !Stephen! Whaa !

Sometimes exceptions to Member non-moderation should be implemented Steve.

Wait, where’s (biased) Wayne? Quote—> “MEMBERS ARE NOT MODERATED”!!!

So Jeff you continue , And who is it that has a problem? I personally believe this would fall under the ethics committee ,How ever i am not sure that the person / vendor would fall under as member . I certainly think it was poor judgement .

Early campaigning for Member of The Year…

Hopefully this thread will get deleted soon since Mr. Meeker has decided that his political views give him the right to slander vendors that do not believe in his extreme political views.

Yeah lets deny someone full access & attempt to destroy
his livelihood because I don’t agree with his opinion…
That’s the true American way. :roll:
Get 'em!!

You are such a dumbass you do not know the meaning of the word. Look it up fool. I deleted the inflammatory parts because JOEY cried and at this exact moment in my life I do not have time for his old ***.

He is one of the biggest losers that has ever hung their hat around here. a total loser.

I guess it was not a fluke with you. You just change sh-t as you se fit. Disgusting.

And if I could change the rules on moderation, you would be the first one out of here. :frowning:

Lucky me, I guess :slight_smile:

The feeling is mutual.

I am sorry, but it will happen to you first unless you change your attitude towards the rest of the Membership Members.

Oh well. Lets see who is here longer starting NOW…GO.