Reporting Software

With all the different reporting software programs out there, can anyone recommend one over another or give a break down describing what you like or do not like about the program you are using. I just joined Internachi and am starting on a new career path in home inspections and I know I need a decent software program. Thanks.

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I knew there was a thread out here somewhere. Thanks.

Biased as Ben pushes HG at all his seminars.

I don’t use HG. I used Inspectit and hated it. Just like you, I use HIP and prefer it.

Ernie, if I were to start over today. I would choose HIP. It is the most compatible of all the software. Runs on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android. Also syncs with ISN, RecallCheck etc… Dom, provides the best support in the industry.

With that said I use HG. I began with it and do believe it is the easiest out of the box. Also, it will not allow you to finish an incomplete report which is very important if you are in a state with a difficult board or governing body.

These are the two best in the industry and I have tried nearly all available. Do not even consider other software with less compatibility than these two.

Here is a list I once compiled:

Although as Larry has said, if you read enough threads on here, it comes down to Home Gauge and Home Inspector Pro.

Do not use Inspectit from AHIT!!!