The reports from the NACHI store are kind of confusing to compleat any sugestions on a better way to do my reports would be helpfull thanks.

Get the Home Inspector Pro free trial and contact Dominic for a temporary license. You can begin using it after just a couple setting adjustments and then perfect your reports as you go.

The support is excellent and just give me a shout if you have questions.

Thank I will give it a look


Call me. You don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all software. I’ll make sure you get the report that best suits your needs. You can buy the software from

Whatever you choose, If you want to eventually become an expert report writer you should learn to describe, and type in detail what you are finding.
This will seem too time consuming for a few years but will pay off big time later.

For example, there are many combinations of issues related to wet/damp crawlspaces and you will rarely find two that should have the same exact writeup.