Resident needs Mold and Radon air testing


Nick Gromicko, Founder of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. ( asked me to send this request forward to you for assistance

Thanks in advance for taking the time to hear my concern and offer advise

My name is Cindy Johnson, and I am contacting you as I am confident the house which I rent has an airborne hazardous *material. My housemate and I spoke to the owner several times and she has been very lax in addressing our concerns. 3 weeks ago we had the utilities company come out and check for gas leaks and they found several gas and carbon monoxide leaks that since have been corrected. As our symptoms have not subsided I feel certain another contaminate still exists and for several reasons am concerned it is mold and/or radon we’re still breathing. As this is not our home and our health has continually been at risk we finally contacted the Denver Heath authority but when we spoke with the inspector were told if we wanted air testing we would have to *pay the cost and he stated an approximate charge of $500

Can you tell me if there is an organization that will provide an air test for mold and radon at a free or reduced cost?
Know that today we met with a member of the Denver Legal assistance and our situation is under review, so we be represented legally *as well

I’d appreciate any advise
Please feel free to contact me at 720-732-0314 or this e-mail address

Thank you Cindy “CJ” Johnson
993 S Ogden Street
Denver CO 80209

First off, you would never experience any symptoms from Radon. It is undetectable and shows no symptoms. You would need to buy a test kit and test for it. A test kit would cost 20 bucks at most home improvement stores.

As for the mold you should consider spending the money to have a educated mold person come and look at your home. It will probably be cheaper then dealing with an ambulance chaser. Unless you can prove mold exists then your wasting you time and money, and you still would be back to paying someone to test so you have conformation.

Unfortunately mold testing costs money for all parties involved so most professionals have to charge something for it.

Sean is correct in his comments.

What are your “symptoms”? Do you feel better when away from the house? What makes you assume it is mold or Radon? Could it be a pesticide used a change in cologne, deodorant, air fresher and many other things can cause simulated health issues.

More details are needed for a better hypothesis…