Residential and Commercial inspection

I live in a state that does not require a license or cert. I was asked about inspecting a property that is residential and commercial. 2600sq ft residential, 1200 sq ft commercial. It looks like the 1200 sq ft is just a large garage. Could be used as a small mechanic shop. The potential buyers are using the property as residential. I am certified through InterNachi as a residential inspector but NOT a commercial inspector. Any thoughts or ideas how I should handle this? Just go for it?

That should answer your question. If it were me I would just make it clear with the buyers that it was a residential inspection and treat it as one.

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not so fast buckaroos
always ask the potential client the intended use & if asked explain the reason is it could affect reporting
if the shop/outbuilding is detached & future use will be for a repair garage & has utilities connected all of the utilities would have to meet the requirements when permitted & the client should be advised of all required upgrades to meet current standards


I would consider it residential with an outbuilding.

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It is or is not.

The MLS listing will list what type of property it is. Likely mixed residential commercial.
I inspect 10 - 15 plus mixed residential commercial properties yearly.

You require commercial inspection certification, E&O and GL insurance.

Make you bid on the inspection based off the criteria provided.

Good luck.
Robert Young