Residential Elevators

I have a check list of things to look at on commercial elevators that I built into my Homegauge report. This week I am inspecting my first residential elevator and heated driveway.

Does a residential elevator have to have a phone?

Anybody know anything about heated driveways?

How is the driveway heated? Hydronic or electric? Good time for a thermal imaging gun. In CA residential elevators are not required to be inspected after the final inspection. Commercial elevators are required to be inspected annually, usually done by the State. I couldn’t figure out what AZ wants done. I would disclaim the elevator and recommend that the elevator be inspected and serviced by an elevator contractor. And then serviced annually at a minimum.

Residential elevators must have a land line phone (no cellular) installed for safety.

Just curious… why would anybody need a heated driveway in AZ?


There are areas that get snow. Flagstaff for one.

I’m going to stop by there today (house is vacant) and see if I can determine the method used for heating the driveway. I do have a thermal image camera.

The house is in Prescott and we do get snow in the winter.

Thanks for the comments.

Gary, how are you qualified to inspect an elevator? Does a residential elevator require fire recall?

oops forgot about going skiing in May


I wouldn’t think so, that would require a fire panel. But not sure.

It requires a smoke detector and programing in the car.

Creating a checklist in a second place software does not qualify you to inspect elevators .
Please explain your method of inspecting the cables and relays ?

How may cracked pullies have you examined ?
Will you be issuing a safety certification on completion ?
You are a trained elevator tech and ask about phone requirements ?

Maybe you are trying to kill people ?

You’re right Bob.

No Bob you are not right. Actually I have inspected many sheaves and cables in a past career but putting that aside I can still offer my client my professional opinion as long as I disclaim reference to any certification and recommend inspections by a licensed authority. Here is a list of just 10 items anyone can inspect on an elevator.

  1. Do the doors function properly
  2. Does the car stop even with each floor
  3. Is there a means of communication from inside the car
  4. Is there a fire extinguisher and is it’s inspection record up to date
  5. The condition of the inside of the car
  6. Is there a copy of the most current inspection displayed
  7. Is there ventilation
  8. Does the light work. Is it an emergency light
  9. Do the brakes function smoothly
  10. Is there a top emergency exit

According to my neighbor who is a state of FL elevator inspector…
On a private residence no landline is required.

Tell the plaintiff attorney that when someone dies in it :slight_smile: