Resin Type Beads Coming Out Of Tub Spout

Guess it’s time to run another test!


I run a dose of this cleaner through the softener about once a month when I add salt. Does this stuff do anything to prolong the life of the beads?

I’m not familiar with that particular brand, but I would run iron out once a month and it really cleans the iron off the resin well. It also leaves a bad aftertaste to the water for the first 50 gallons or so. If your iron counts are high, any type of iron removing additive to your water softener is great maintenance.


I had a new system installed with a resin tank for tannin about 16 years ago at another property - cost then was around $5000 or so if I remember correctly, so that $10k number is probably not too far off today.

My repair comment was in regards to cleaning the resin beads out of all the home’s plumbing lines and fixtures.
Seems excessive to me

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I would have to agree if it was just to replace the resin.

The water treatment business is :moneybag::slightly_smiling_face: not bad for a couple hours of work.

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