Respirators Choice

This is our pick for a respirator, it’s compact, fits well, no clips or awkward head gear and it breathes well. If you want more protection they also make a full face model and optional organic/vapor filters. The filters change out easily and it comes apart for ease of cleaning. Great product for the price. SEE THIS AND OTHER INSPECTOR GEAR AT OUR MARKET PLACE


While the filters last a long time We recommend that you buy an extra set of filters and keep them on hand.


Your link shows two young guys pointing at the ceiling with a pencil (probably drugs) but none of the products you’ve mentioned. Does this have a point?

So you have to SCROLL down the page to see the products (probably age).

When I scroll down the page there is nothing there.

Well not sure on that one. I can see it on my end. I’m going to blame it on COVID.

Seems like he is trying to get people to buy products from his Amazon store. Not a link to a product information page

Absolutely, we’re trying to promote products for home inspectors and at the same time generate some revenue for our local InterNACHI Chapter. Home inspectors helping home inspectors is the point.

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It would be better to direct me to the manufacturer website for this item. Not a list of all your products for sale and make me search for it. Sorry I was interested at first then became irritated that more info was not more info

Well that’s what you get when you hire unpaid volunteer help who is a home inspector by day and a novice web designer and internet marketer by night ! :grin:

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I would do it so it doesn’t look like spam.

This is my go-to Respirator also Ken. I have one in the truck and another in my shop. Probably the most comfortable one I have every owned.

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Absolutely, I tried one of those 3M masks that they sell at the hardware store and I had a hard time connecting the clip and it would not stay up. Used it a couple of times and tossed it when I got this one. I really like the compactness of the design. Thanks for the positive review!

My problem with all of the “good” masks is they clog too quickly and the replacements are expensive. Someone should have a dual filter design. If they do i haven’t seen it.

Joseph, I agree that’s why it’s the first one on our Amazon Market Place list we wanted to make it easy to find. I see a lot of inspectors in the photos they post wearing this mask. Just sharing our experiences and trying to make it easier to find and purchase products that work while at the same time make a small commission to help our organization. Inspectors helping Inspectors that’s the bedrock of the home inspection community!

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