Response to Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services re: licensing/CMI grandfathering.

Very well done Nick!

Most HI’s by now know my feelings about HI licensing. My letters to the Governor of Kansas swayed him to get the laws stopped in Kansas, among other reasons.

Nick has tried, by political means, to voice what should be. However, REA’s only want HI licensing, so all inspectors, whether they have been in business 2 months, or 15 years, to have all the same qualifications, rules, and regulations, standards, etc. This results in all HI’s to do the same, basic, minimal inspections and reports, and cheaper prices, no matter their experience. This results in lower costs of inspections, lower profits for HI’s, shorter say-nothing reports that REA’s want.

Home buyers in your area are about to be shafted.

It should, and must be, up to the REA office brokers and REA office owners to establish their own HI requirements that are higher than any other laws. HI laws always seem to be basic, and minimal.

If your REA office broker complains about how HI’s always seem not to do a thorough job, then why do they not require only CMI inspectors? If they do not like their HI, then perhaps they need to make a list of bad inspectors. Get another HI, REA’s.

Licensing will not solve anything, hurt the consumers, cause confusion, and only increase the revenue of REA’s and their offices and their buddy attorneys, mortgage bankers, appraisers, and others because now HI reports will only have to be 3 to 5 pages long, not alarm home buyers, so sub-par properties will sell to unsuspecting home buyers.

Sad for them. They are voters, too. Think about that, Mr./Mrs. Lawmaker.