Ontario home inspector licensing.

Should be interesting to see what actually “shapes” out of this.

I’m pretty pleased so far.

I still do not understand why REA and special interests want licensing, when all you need to do is force the REA’s to hire the best, most experienced HI’s that they can find, instead of Uncle Bob at $199.

Oh, They push laws into play so now they can recommend licensed Uncle Bob legally.

Just my opinion but…

You may be surprised in general by the number of home inspectors that view licensing as the fix for too many H.I. associations and fixing the issues that seem to plague the politics of associations.

I believe licensing will still not change the cozy relationships that exist with “some” home inspectors with realtors.

Licensing should stop home inspectors that have been operating on the fringe, and without ties to a recognized association or certification review process.

Any state HI licensing programs will never work, unless they set the requirements to the level of an engineer or doctor. Again, most any HI law is a basic, bare minimum requirement, that results in basic, minimalist inspectors, that result in bare minimum reports. Since all HI’s will do inspections to their state, basic requirements, the only thing left is who is the cheapest.

That is what the REA’s want. Here in Kansas, this was realized, and the laws were thrown out. Now you know why Nick has been working on a degree for HI’s.

Sad part is that the HI’s will not stand up to the lawmakers.