Results of bad roof flashing detail

Why do I check roofs on condos and why do I carry a video pole cam.
A real camera rather than a tablet helps as well since these shots were taken 8:00 at night.

Roof had no access at 3 stories up.

See if you can figure out what I just saw while working a report just now.

These are crop shots off a HD video with gamma correction so it looks like daylight.



Crazy me for always taking

This area you can see discoloration at the floor platform area which would normally be flashed .

Think there is a connection ? :wink:

The upper wall covering is EIFS by the way.

PIC are to blurry can not tell from afar need to be on the roof

Looks like a couple tubes of caulk or roof cement could fix that.

first and third you can clearly see the staining, second I would wonder about back up under shingles as well. Photo of floor platform it is clear header is painted and caulked so cracking is not from expansion. it can only be moisture from above disclouring mortar, Good catch.

Thanks Bruce.
Actually had the same Agent following morning and showed him this forum for the shots.

He may not have had a good impression of the wise guys above you. :slight_smile:

I don’t try to impress agents like you do.:stuck_out_tongue:

I do try to impress Agents,Clients,sellers,and even you…:slight_smile:

Why would I do the opposite ?

I guess they were just hoping that gravity would take the water straight down to that upper gutter.