Retrofitting For Wind Mitigation

If you do or know ANYONE in the State of Florida that is retrofitting homes totally by the book for* insurance savings / wind mitigation *reasons please send me their or your contact info to me at thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

See Brian I do listen sometimes :smiley:
I hope you are doing well.

If you find someone, let me know. The people that are buying the home I posted the pictures of no straps wanted to know if anyone did it.

I get many asking now so.
I might just start offering the services if I can learn a little more about the best way to go about it.

It would seem, the best way would be to go from the top of the roof as many homes have wire lathe and stucco soffits. The house I am referring to does. Trying to get to the trusses from below and securing them according to the 07 retrofit code may be difficult. I am pretty sure I sent you that.

Yep I forgot I had it and found it. Thanks again.

The only company that I know of is Florida Retrofits


Thanks I appreciate the info.

Anyone else know anyone???

Still looking for anyone in the South.

Dang James. I busted you cherry. This was the first thing in 4 years worth commenting on :slight_smile:

I am going to call them now just to talk.