review my site

tear it apart if you want. :cool:

Not bad. Why do you have several “order now” buttons? It makes me feel like I’m ordering a book online. Can you change them to “schedule now” and maybe only use two buttons? Also, your meta tags are too long, your keyword ratio is off, and you are missing a few bits of internal site stuff. Overall not bad though

LOL …agree on call button.
Header looks terrible and oversize with a faded truck shot…who cares what you drive ? though I am sure you like it and all.

Seems barren as if it is a new site .
Buy back logo is super sized and not a whole lot of SEO.

Show your face smiling . add a shot ]

**Your **truck,**your **slide show featuring **you **but **you **have no name ?

I agree with Bob. The header is WAY too large, and the truck needs to go. At first I thought I was visiting an auto-sale site.

I could be wrong but the tag line sounds odd. You could be Wichita’s premier inspector, but the premier choice for inspectors sounds odd.

top view of the page all I see is down to the call now line.
I can see that there are moving images below so that does intrigue me to scroll down; however, the first view seems very bare.
As far as an initial first 30 second impression you have a lot of page space not used unless I change the page or scroll.

I would also reduce the number of order now buttons on the home page.

Can you condense down the size of the page to minimize the amount of open space between topics.

Overall not a bad start…

Yeah make it all half the present size to start and go from there.
Print out the home page and look at the design shape, color, text placement, etc.
Next think of how to add Seo that fits into the shape which should look terrible when you see it as a whole. So change the geometry of it.

First two things I saw were a big Ford and a guy that might fall off my roof. I wonder what the competition has?

Most of my competition doesn’t even have mobile friendly sites.

Thanks for your input so far I have some ideas on how to change it up a bit. I am also using squarespace if that helps anybody out. I haven’t figured out if I can even modify some of the stuff yet. I only have about 10 hours on this site as of now.

Keep them coming all good info so far.

I have changed a bit of stuff around. Haven’t gotten to the SEO quite yet but what do you think of the changes so far?


Taylor, I think the possessive of Kansas is Kansas’. I could be wrong. Looking good.

Frank I tried looking it up and found contradicting opinions.

This site is the best answer I found:

It looks to be “Kansas’s” is correct after some debate in the literature society.

I like it. Clean, easy to navigate. While looking took a quick look at sample report. I see the symbols are “turned” off on the comments. How do you do that? Think I like the text better than symbols.

It was an option in Reporthost settings. I believe it was in one of there tips where I found how to do it… It has been so long I have forgotten how to do it exactly.

Thanks - I’ll look into it.

When you’re logged on to ReportHost, from the Preferences => Concern types menu you can choose how you want your Concern types to appear: use our wording and icons, use only word labels OR icons, and/or edit either as you wish. This is completely customizable.