web site critique


Here is the web site per your email request.


Thank you

Your site is not mobile responsive. Google will ding it for that.

Needs a lot of work.

Whats with the rear end picture of you (not good) and then a picture of your dog?

Northeast is misspelled as Northeat.

Are you one inspector or many? At the top right you have “Call me” (you can remove that by the way) and later you say “Our experts.” I would stick to singular if it’s just you. Why do you need to bring experts to the inspection?

InterNACHI is mis-capitalized in first paragraph.

Missing comma between Jacksonville Florida Home Inspection Company makes it look like that is your company name.

Top right you have “CALL ME:” in all caps and later “Call me at:” I’d get rid of both.

You have a line “schedule an Inspection” You have the word schedule in lower case but the “I” in upper case.

Your “schedule an Inspection” box isn’t a scheduling system, it’s an email form. Dump it. Just use your phone number and a live-linked email address. Why make them fill out a form or force them to stay within a form’s confines when an email address lets them do what they want?

Too many carriage returns under “What to Expect” Also, other sentences have punctuation and this one doesn’t.

The list under “What to Expect” is too short. “What you get with our full inspections:” is probably a better paragraph title and then make a long list from www.nachi.org/sop

Evaluation is misspelled.

Also, the entire paragraph seems to be in a smaller or different font.

Your best line.

You have one testimonial. Take it down until you get at least three.

I like the column of professional designations on the right side.

Your email address in your footer is dead. Can’t click on it to email you.

You are missing your NAP. Super important for SEO. Add it.

Your main, top paragraph doesn’t give me a reason to hire you in particular.

Your tagline doesn’t reinforce your brand or give me a reason to hire you. It also isn’t true.