Website Review

Can you guys take a look at my website and give me some tips on how to improve it?
The best Home Inspector in Corpus Christi.

I guess my website is perfect. All right!!

The linked logos at the bottom take me off your page.
If you’re gonna have links like that it should open another browser window.
They won’t be there for long, don’t help them surf away.

I have trouble reading the black text on dark green background, especially since I wear blue light-blocking computer glasses.

The mansion on the home page is intimidating for consumers of modest means. Makes them feel they don’t have the right inspector. A mix of homes of various values would be better.

No company logo. Lessen’s your credibility. You look new. New businesses don’t have logos yet.

The stock icons you used in your 3 dark boxes don’t have anything to do with the text.

Your website is missing NAP. Read The Importance of NAP and How to Use It - InterNACHI

Your phone number is hyperlinked to facetime. I don’t know if you wanted that or not.

“Hire a professional” is underlined which made me mistakenly think it was a live link I could click for more info.

Your URL has a hyphen between the first two of three words but not between words two and three. Consider using a hyphen between all 3 words in your URL.

You don’t need a link to your home page on your home page.

I count at least 4 different “Get a quote” symbols. Maybe pick one for consistency.

Your additional information section leads to links that take your website visitor off your website. Instead, make additional information a page that only provides indirect reasoning to hire you. You’re in Texas, no? Never let the cattle off the farm.

Marc made this point already.

You can just use the facebook F. You don’t need to write it out in your link.

Your Facebook link doesn’t lead to your FB page.

The images and text above the fold of your homepage don’t change when I go to another page, tricking me into thinking your navigation bar doesn’t work. Use different images on each page to alert your visitor that he is moving about.

Dump the form to contact you. Don’t make it hard to contact you. A simple live email address is better.

Your form requires CAPTCHA. Read my previous comment.

Your tagline should be a reason to hire you. “We want to work with you” is about you. Make it about them.