Citizens 4 point form

Can someone post on this topic a link to the new Citizens 4 point form. I have been looking for hours for it… thank you

Here it is.

This is the one I have. I was told by insurance company that there is a newer version out that has 5 pages

Ask him to send it to you . There is no update on the Citizens web site as of today

Not much of a difference in the newest one…4 pages. I don’t use this one.

I charge $150 stand alone for it. Do not be a SAP I charge $125 with a wind mit when they balk at $150 but normally get $150 with the mit sold separably as well. The asinine cit 4 point gives you a chance to make more money if you still offer a traditional 4 point inspection. Remember the Nachi 4 point is even worse than the cit form and in no way is a traditional 4 point.

CIT updated the 4pt form last year. Same one that I posted above.

That is what he meant. :wink: