Revised NPMA 33

Does anyone have the revised NPMA 33 form in a fillable PDF that will be required starting 2020?

Webinar from NPMA on how to fill out revised NPMA-33 form

Where to get/access new NPMA-33 form

Looks like for the time being. We will have to order about $20 for a 100 count, new NPMA 33 forms.

IMO, if you are only using the the NPMA 33 in conjunction with HUD regulated properties, I would not be concerned until HUD makes the mandate for the revised form official…

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According to their webinar, Come December 31, 2019 will be the last day anyone in the State of Ohio can use the old NPMA33 form. 1/1/2020 you must start using the new form. You can start using the new form now if you wish.

I watched the training video and one of the changes I saw was in recommending treatment. Under the current guidelines if you see old evidence, and no live termites, but see evidence of previous treatment (drill holes in concrete), you did not have to recommend treatment. The new guidelines require documentation. Many old homes and flips won’t have documentation, so following the stated guidelines, action has to be recommended. The local termite guy says he will likely not be following this new rule, because if previous treatment is in place, some manufactures specify not to use their product over other treatment.


Did you ever find a new NPMA 33 form in a fillable PDF

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a fillable new NPMA 33 form. The company I previously worked for used Spectora for their reporting software and the form is available through Spectora. I am in the process of starting my own company and will probably use Spectora as I am familiar with the software.


Thanks I have talked to a few other people. It has not been released yet.

Forms are now available at

Looks like the days of free pdfs are done for a while but $20 for 5o forms it not bad.

If you have access to Adobe Acrobat you can create forms (computer entry) from any PDF document. Had to do it when the city was too lazy or ill-equipped to do it with their new rental inspection forms. While you may want to type in your personal and license information it is reasonable to expect some items to be marked up in the field, including your signature if needed.

FYI The sample form on this link is the new form…you can tell, evidence of previous treatment section is gone, also new items (spray foam) listed under obstructions.

This is very generous of you! Thanks, I was just getting ready to create our own new form. You have saved me some time, thanks so much!

Home inspectors want everything free but expect to be paid for their work. You get what you pay for. In this case, misaligned checkboxes, checkboxes of different sizes, inconsistent data fields, and so on.

If you are a Home Inspector Tech (HIT) user, they have the form in a template and you can add your own customized graph and photos.

Do we have to have a pest license to fill out this form?

If your State requires it.

Should throw this one up here as well: