Rhode Island - looking to start an inspection business

Hello I live in Rhode Island. I’m very interested in starting an inspection business. I can’t get it out of my mind. I am very nervous because reading thru old post and topics i get mixed signals on the overall success people are having. I don’t have any construction exp. I work for the navy as a ship builder (submarines) . My job is extremely detail oreanted but I really want to get out of that shipyard business. I’d really like to break out on my own.

I have 2 very close friends/family that are very successful in the real estate industry here in Rhode island . Both have told me that the inspectors they use are moving non stop and that business is very good right now.

I was basically looking for some guidance as far as what steps to take to get familiar with the industry. Like where did you all start? I’m 33 and it’s time I get out there and make a name for myself.

Before shipbuilding I did marketing in my area for a pretty large pizza chain. So they might come in handy. I am also not looking into diving in headfirst. I’d like to start slowly , learn the business and when ready go off on my own.

Any information or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time

Thanks for the response. After doing the requiremts , classes and licensing what then? Market my butt off? Or shadow someone , or perhaps work for a home inspection company first? What would you guys already in the business recommend.

Market in a nearby dirt-poor neighborhood. Inspect small homes in poor neighborhoods first. That’s how I cut my teeth.

If your nervous maybe go the franchise route. I just did. Its not for everyone but when they handle the website the phone number and help set up marketing campaigns Its easier for me to hit the ground running. www.inspectionboys.com . Nachi members will receive a discount.

Thank you for the responses. That’s an interesting approach, I assume the houses in poor neighborhoods come up for sale more often? I do have a lot of poor neighborhoods around my area so I will give that a shot.

I thought about franchise but I don’t want to pay all that money. I’d rather keep it in the bank incase it’s slow when I first start up. It’s gonna take me a while to do all the classes and training and studying before I get the guts to jump in. But it’s kinda my only option at this point. I hate my current job lol. So I want to get out ASAP.

I feel your frustration. I live in RI as well but plan on attending the NACHI one week training in May.
I would look into that too if I were you.
Do not expect Rep from ANY home inspector here in RI … they consider you future competition.
Join NACHI and take online webinars and exams … this may not be as easy as u think but keep at it …!!!

James We will have to just keep plugging along at it. Rhode Island is a who u know state… it’s so hard to have a business here because everyone is somehow connected to each other and they all help each other out. Unless u know someone it can seem impossible .

I’m heading to Colorado in May to take the 5 day course. It’s my only option because inspectors here in Rhode Island want very little to do with you or me. Trust me, this is a plan that I’ve had in motion for a couple of years.
I did my research and found that Ben and his team along with his brother Nick, I think, I’m going to prepare me to be the best inspector possible. Also keep in mind that we should continue with any kind of seminars or anything related to home inspection.
My goal is not to be just a decent inspector. My goal is to be a competent, reliable, thorough inspector. That’s really my goal. I plan on doing this part time after being a police officer for 25 years. But again, don’t get frustrated. Keep at it. Join NACHI and eventually you should consider attending the course. There really is no other way to game hands on experience. That’s just the way it is our little corner of this country.
Last thing, start networking with realtors.
Since we live in the same state, the likelihood of bumping into one another is very high. I hope we both, at that point, are actively engaged in home expections.

Couldn’t agree with you more James. Am slow and steady at the moment just trying to get all my ducks in a row. When that’s all settled I will join Nachi and get my new life started. It must be an awesome feeling to start something from the ground up and work hard and watch it grow and be successful. And I bet we will run into each other’s. Good luck in Colorado . Hopefully my path will take me there soon .

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