Ride-along Inspection

I just had my first ride along home inspection with a inspector that has been in business for about 25 years. I was pretty excited about it. I was kind of surprised when the inspector asked me how I received my education(AHIT), and what organization I was a member of(InterNachi). He said, and I quote " you should have gone thru ASHI, and I have never heard of InterNachi". I was taken aback by this. Also I was informed that I didn’t need to “carry around” an I-Pad or any other reporting software, he didn’t have anything, and I asked him, " How do you do your reports" ? He said that he just took a lot of pictures and memorized everything. He stays very busy he added. He just goes to pc and does his report, the real estate agent was standing right there. I was very grateful that he allowed me to go along with him during the inspection, but I was more or less surprised about the way he conducted the inspection. I guess my question is this, would you go along on another inspection with him, or just try and find someone else? I may have just answered my own question.

I would say if you have the opportunity, do it. Just because he does things differently doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lot from going along; If nothing else, it will solidify how you conduct your inspections and why your company is (or will be) better than theirs.

I think that is good advice. Thanks


I watched a guy years ago and I learned a lot from him, did I do things his way no but when someone had a problem I could just pull from what I learned from him and people thought wow. He was good but it was all old style and I learned a lot of tricks.
Besides its good to know your competition.

I’ve done several ride alongs. The only guy who impressed me was Jeff Pope. The rest were underwhelming, but I learned a little from each one. It’s still worth it to do them. I would definitely diversify though.

I have heard of them (Axxx) many years ago…
Is Axxx Still in Business???