Ride Along

Any Oklahoma inspectors willing to let a new guy ride along for an inspection or 2? I am between Edmond and Guthrie.

Sure anytime I live between Stillwater and Ponca City and inspect a bunch in Enid and basically the whole State Call my cell 580-761-8477 I just booked a old histortical in PC for Wed and a very large Fannie mae in PC for Friday either one would be a good training inspection

Jim… if you are smart, you will jump all over Charleys’ offer! Just make sure you wear “roof appropiate” shoes!!! :wink:

No doubt!! I will bring my ladder.

Thanks, Charley. I will be in touch.

Jim I wanted to show the two images on the breaker that I tightened the one loose lug these are before and after images the temp just disappeared on the second image did I say I tightened the lug NOOOOOO

Very cool.

Jim I just wanted to say It was a pleasure to meet and work with you this last week. I truely beleive you will go on to be a great inspector we need guys with your attitude and alitude:D