Seeking Ride Along Oppurtunity

Hello, my name is Dow Bickel, I recently attended the class in Boulder Co and received my license to inspect homes in Oklahoma. I am reaching out because I would like to do some ride alongs to gain some experience and get comfortable with the process. I am having a little trouble doing that as I do not know anyone in the inspection business in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas. I know everyone is very busy so I really appreciate everyone’s time in reading this. Thank you all and have a great day!

Best Regards,
Dow Bickel

I have on occasion allowed ride alongs but only on vacant homes. I am located about 85 miles from Edmond so ya may consider some one closer. As most that know me I am not a conventional inspector. I follow the Ok SOP, but I exceed all SOP’s

I come once a month to a ORCIA meeting in Moore the third Thurs of the month

You should come to the meeting and meet us.

Charlie is one of the best .

I hate to admit it , but he is! :p;)

Mr. Bottger, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and thank you for the invite to the ORCIA meeting. I’ll be sure to make the next one, looks like the 15th of this month. I look forward to meeting you. Have a great day.

Drop the MR. I am just plain Charley!!!

I just booked a very good training inspection for Friday afternoon a 1938 build 2780 SQ FT with basement if you would like to travel up and shadow up. We have a small one schedule for Friday morning but its occupied. If you like give me a call at 580-268-3340

BTW I don’t charge for a ride along

I did a ride along with Charley back in 2012 and he was very kind and willing to teach all you are willing to learn.

Hey Dow I have a couple of vacant inspects Monday and Tues give me a call