Ridge cap not centered and damaged sheeting

Would you right up the ridge cap not being centered? The long side was pretty well adhered down but the short side was not? This roof is only less than 2 months old. So it may still soften and adhere down? OR would you say to monitor? Thoughts?

Since I’m writing about a roof what would you comment about the sheeting being damaged and rotten in several places? There’s more spots where i can see large areas of membrane. Should it say something like this can lead to improper support or roofing and potentially shorten the life???

This house was a 72 yr old MESS!!

Yes you should report rot and damage whether there are other defects or not.


I plan to write it up but would you note that it could cause damage to shingles in the future as well or just that its wrong?

It depends, when the rot and damage are corrected the qualified professional will cut back to good wood…hopefully.

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No, Cory, I would not. But that is about as far off center that I would do. It will seal down come summer.

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Larry your always a great help. I know I have a long ways to go in learning, but I’m getting there one inspection at a time, one question at a time. Thanks again for your input.

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My pleasure, Cory! :smile:

The cap shingles have the long side in the sun the short side in the shade. Likely the short side hasn’t gotten hot enough for the sealant strip to fully bond. This time of year it may not fully bond until spring. A strong wind storm could break those bonds and contaminate the sealant strip so that it will never bond. The same is true for the shingles themselves. Were field shingles bonded on the slopes that get less sun?