Certain Teed Horizon Shangle

Photos of Cracking Defect…

How old is that roof?

Hi Joe,

Nice pics, crap roof.

Are you aware of a class action suit over this product?


BTW, the ridge caps are wrong, they are cut down architectural shingles, not the proper caps, or modified 3 tabs.



You guys are tought that craking adds an air of dignity to the racking installation…but Gerry is right these probably would fall under the CAS

They can replace the roof at the same time the redo the stucco and repair the chimney!

The drip leg on the tin cap is to short!

Neve will I understand the minimum lap on moisture barrier’s is 2 inches yet the flashing that is in the weather just has a 1/4 inch drip leg over the wood or other surfaces.

We call it a crown Mr.B
The crown cap is not sloped and short is an under statement.Should have a kick out on the end of the crown like drip-edge on a shingle roof.
The stucco just needs a water proofing to me. I will find the product I use and post it latter.
WOW organic shingles. Now I have heard of everything.
Monsanto is poisoning your healthy attitude. When chemical and manufacturing terms are mixed with the word organic I cringe.
Let me eat one of the shingles and see if I burp, pass wind or die.
I bet on the third myself. HA HA HA