Rock Foundation

Received a call from a lady who needs a foundation inspection only for the purpose of providing the bank a report of the foundation to secure a 2nd mortgage. The home is about 125 years old and all she could say is that the foundation is rock with a few missing. She assured me that the house is very level and sits on a crawlspace, but I would not want to enter as there are many ground hogs living under the home. I told her that I would come take a look but would not promise that I would provide a report. Is there a catch that I should be aware of? My curiosity has the best of me, I want more than any thing else just to go look.

The comment “with a few missing” is a major red flag to me. A “stone foundation” should never be missing a few stones. If you have never inspected this type of foundation before, pass on it, or be prepared to call it out to an SE.

Also, the “ground hogs” will have tunnels and burrows that may run underneath the foundation walls. Keep in mind, stone foundations do not have traditional footers. Again, be prepared to call for an SE… and an exterminator!

If you cannot crawl under the house, then you really cannot inspect the rock foundation properly. Whatever you do if you see eyes, just slowly back out of the crawlspace. Some of those ground hogs can get mean. I remember playing with them when I was a kid.