Roll roofing in valley.....

This roof had a lot of issues. This was a big valley with one layer of roll roofing as the valley flashing. The corners showed signs of rot (arrow) and it’s just wrong. Anyone have a good way to write this one?





Whoever decided upon that style roof & connection for that addition should be shot. If it’s not an addition, that architect should be ‘drawn & quartered’, and then shot!

Without seeing more/different angles, and more indepth info, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s wrong, as much as I would unconventional or substandard.

I would explain to your client the reason you have issues with the roof. I.E drainage, ponding, potential leaks… Have it in the report. If you noticed any leaks or deterioration. Our job is to explain the issue to our client and the potential for issues in the future. They need to make the choice if they can live with it, fix it or find another home.

Can you imagine how much water is flowing through that valley during a good rain? Here is what it looks like under the “valley flashing” where the arrow is and the other side. It’s not secured at the ends, I could lift it to look under no problem.


A butterfly roof with a horizontal valley can be very difficult for water to run off properly and is very prone to collecting debris and leaking. Typically a cricket is constructed to divert and ensure proper drainage of all water runoff. Recommend roof be evaluated by a competent qualified professional. This evaluation should be completed before the close of escrow.

Perfect Gary!