Asphalt shingle valley

Hey everyone. Currently working on getting certified and licensed and I just conducted a roofing inspection for a family member who just got their roof replaced not too long ago. I noticed the valley of the house had two large pieces of asphalt. The sides were all sealed. Is this a defect or something out of the ordinary? I haven’t seen anything like this in the training or on other houses. I’d just like some more information regarding this. Thanks!

Common way to roof the “dead valley”. You can’t see the membrane or flashing transitions under the shingles at this point, so look carefully for details that are visible.

I find the attic below this section often has leakage stains or previous defects.


There was a previous leak here before with water stains in the garage on the ceiling. So that why i assumed they did they roofing like this. Unable to get into the attic currently to inspect if they replaced sheathing so hopefully i can do that soon. Thank you.

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The rolled roofing will wear out sooner than the shingles, also.


It would have been better if they built the cricket higher up on the roof, IMO

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Thanks for the pic Scott. I have a similar situation on my own roof. “Hidden” or “dead” valley. I’ve got to get it replaced soon and hopefully the contractors are away of how to rectify the situation. This helps…


As @sbridges2 pointed out, If the roof was reframed like in his picture not only would it separate the valleys more, it would have increased the slope of that section, aiding in drainage. Excellent post Scott! :+1: :+1:


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Rolled roofing will wear out sooner in that setup. I have done similar in metal which holds up much longer but certainly not maintenance free

Never heard the term dead valley.

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