Rolled Roofing

Can a torch down rolled roof run parallel with slope.1/2 in 12



I have never heard anything saying that roofing cannot be installed that way.

Is the lapping of the ply reversed.

  1. Did they start at the top of the deck slope, the highest point of the roofing deck and address each ply going down the rood instead of going up. Reversed.
    Each torched lap exposed to downward flowing stream.
    Or perpendicular to the peak.
    2.Was the layout or torched ply’s alined from side to side. A lateral line perpendicular to the roof decks peak or highest point?.
    I still see no problem.
    The manufacturer has a method of installations.

It may be an idea to visit some box stores, call some suppliers for information and get to know some roofing company’s.

from that picture it actually looks ok…what were Your concerns?

Thanks for the resposes. The roof is tight every where. I was putting too much thought in to it.

No, you weren’t putting too much thought into it. The simple answer is that it must installed to manufacturer’s specifications. That being said, I don’t know of any manufacturers that specify a vertical installation of modified bitumen.

Great answer.
Never hurts to ask questions and think hard.