Roof certs 3 yr life

Here’s my dilemma.

Clients insurance is up for renewal in March 2013. AAA has sent them a renewal requiring a roof cert 5 months early. I performed the roof cert giving the roof 3 yrs.

It seems that AAA (citizens) has prorated the roof cert to include the 5 months. So by the time the policy renews there is only 2.7 yrs instead of the 3 year life.

I would think (there I go again) the new roof cert wouldn’t take effect until the next renewal period which is in March.

Comments…help . Does 3.5 yrs count. OY VAY

Thanx in advance

3 yrs is a fail

Most carriers require three years. When you do the cert and give three years, they have less than three years the next day. Three years will usually only get them one. If you do a roof cert again, do not expect them to allow a third extension.

5-7 years, after all, it isn’t a guarantee.

All you can do is give your best guess at the time of the inspection if you do it 4 times it should not matter. There is NO way to tell for sure unless it has visible damage then I do NOT give it that time. I may state less than 3 years or past expected life. If it is showing damage then they are in a bad way. I normally advise them to take a look and take care of minor issues first and then cosmetic issues for the photos. Cosmetic does not matter to me but it helps them with the underwriters.

Thanx gentlemen…


John…did not know only 3 chances. I thought it went till there wasn’t an inspector willing to give it 3 yrs.

So wait till february then submit the 3 yr remaining life. Attach repair invoices if any. Or give 3.5 remaining life to cover the remaining months.

I would think, that if you thought a roof was only going to last 3 years, you would probably fail it on a home inspection.

I had also heard that the insurance companies were looking for 4 years for it to be accepted.

I just did a house built in 1955 with the original roof. The agent asked me to put 3-5 years on the roof cert. Six leaks, rotted wood and older than I am…not going to happen!

One leak and it ain’t going to happen from me :slight_smile:

3 years at the END of the policy period is what we see. Less than 4 years is a fail.

It seems this particular agent isn’t accepting anything less than 4 yrs. I recommended that she call a roofer, have him do any necessary repairs.

Anybody seen the price of roofs lately…Screw retrofits put a shingling crew together.

RE-roofs and retrofits!:mrgreen:

My favorite experience with this issue:

Inspected roof Dec 28, 3-5 yrs remaining - Agent binds policy Jan 3- Roof rejected for roof - underwriter states it only has 2 yrs remaining - Agent points out inspection 1 week old that states 3 - Underwriter says that was last year!!

Performed a 4 Point for a client, listed the roof with 4-5 years remaining.

ONE YEAR LATER, I performed a roof cert on the same house for the same client, roof 3-4 years remaining.

The underwriter would not bind the policy because the life expectancies did match. They were performed a year apart! :shock:

Even better still!
Client gets a cancellation notice form the underwriter. The notice says that during the recent inspection submitted to underwriting a ladder was observed against their house. If they don’t removed the ladder, their policy will be cancelled.

The only picture of a ladder in the inspection pictures was taken from the roof top. The top end of my ladder could be seen from the far side of the roof. How did the underwriter think I got on the roof to take that picture? A couple of feathers? :roll:

That’s a good one Jay, probably a Citizen’s policy. Sometimes I feel that they do this on purpose just to nudge the policyholder to another insurance company. The underwriter auditors have to be still in their teenage years. You would not beleive the kickbacks on re-inspections…complete incompetence.

The only reply I can come up with for this exchange would be: DUMBASS!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yes, Citizens insurance in both cases…

I like your suggestion about teenagers. Maybe a bunch of high school kids getting their community service hours.

Or someone else needing community service hours!!!