Roof Inspection Only

Good morning everyone,
I been hired to do a roof inspection only, the insurance agency is requesting a certificate that ensure that the roof will last more than three years.

Is there a roof inspection report template like the report for wind mitigation or the four point inspection reports?

And should i include in my pre-inspection agreement that the client requested only a roof cover inspection?

Any other ideas I am leaving out and should be asking now are also appriciated.

Like always thank you!

Use this form.

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Thank you Brad!
You are a time-saver!!!

Your welcome. John Shishilla has the fillable forms somewhere here at NACHI.

Yes, be mindful of what your are “certifying”, and do some permit/property research prior to arrival.


I would not go out on that limb to certify how long a roof will last.

Agreed…we do not do roof certs, we tried a couple and found all they are is someone put on a new roof or went over the old one without a permit. Now they have problems and the insurance company wants to find someone to sign off on it. We tell them to get roofer to go out and do it.

Because of the improper substrate, the manufacturer’s warranty is already void, permit or no. I don’t think it’s a good idea to issue a certification for an improperly installed roof. You have even less chance of predicting how it will perform in the future than you do with one that is properly installed. Given the many variables, why potentially complicate your life by issuing a certification on best guestimate?

ohh men, I filled out the roof certification form from citizen.
How should I prepare myself in case this come back and bite me?