Roof covering type

Not sure what material this is, fiberglass, polycarbonate, Plastic.

It was strong enough to gingerly walk on without much give. Low slope roof, 1961 frame home

Looked like crap but no breaches.

Thanx in advance

Can’t tell the roof material from the pictures, but you’re taking a big safety risk walking on it…

I tend to go where most mere home inspectors won’t.

Looks like a metal roof that had stones added to it? Not sure the reason for the stones, unless they are there to slow down the water. I didn’t see any fasteners on the ribs either.

If its safe most all of us walk it.

Brad Toye a wind mitigation expert located in Clearwater, Fl Pinellas county answered my question in the emergency forum…

It looks like aluminum or tin of some sort with Silver Dollar coating on it that has degraded over time.