Roof decking nail ruler

Here is my new roof decking nail ruler.

7/17, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 inches. Hopefully is is easier to photograph.

I always suspected you guys in Florida had little ones. Thanks for the confirmation! :p:twisted::mrgreen:

BTW… Is 7/17 a Florida thing? :shock:

You have to admit, you walked right into that one!!! :wink:

7/16 :o

cool :slight_smile:

Very nice

That is cool. If you don’t mind who makes them?

John :slight_smile: I believe is the designer.

A friend of mine made it for me. If it works well, I will have more made.

Thanks John looks great .
Easy to print and then to Laminate … Much appreciated … Roy

Except mine is made of Aluminum :mrgreen:

Very nice John.

NO WAY I’d ever use that! It has your name on it.:shock:

What’s the reasoning of burning the first 3/4 and 7/16. If you wanted to slide it between the roof sheathing wouldn’t you want to show that at those measurements? Or !m I looking at this wrong…Also I had thought it was plastic you can easily have business cards made that way also. But I do like it, its defiantly thinking out of the box.

Unless you are only using it to measure the nails