Roof Flashing - Sloped Roof

Hey guys, this is my first mono sloped roof. Should there be some sort of flashing on the tall end instead of or in addition to the regular drip edge? TIA

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Yes, it should have a secondary flashing, but it is very common to see it without. Moisture can run under the roofing and on top of the underlayment and eventually penetrate the underlayment onto the roof sheathing.


Yep, like they ^^^^^^^^^ said:


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I second the second motion of agreement with the above stated. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:. Even if the top row was “glued” down, a high wind event could rip the shingles off and driving rain could get underneath. Whenever I see this I slide a putty knife under the shingles and take a pic to show it’s flaw and recommend flashing be added.