New hazard during roof inspections!

Never randomly fire your weapon into the air.

What goes up must come down.:shock:

That looks like it has been there awhile. Now the realtor is going to give you hell for removing it. The seller is going to sue you because it did’nt leak before you removed it. The buyer is going to walk because of the hole and you are now a deal killer. Time to close up shop my friend!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I took the plug out of the proverbial dam. :slight_smile:

Luckily there were five other major leaks which had been there for the majority of the foreclosure.

I used to do alot of roofing years ago in the detroit area. Found those many times!

I have never listed combat damage on my reports…

I inspected one last month with a bunch of bullet holes.

They were all from the inside-out and it was an $800K house!:shock:

they misunderstood the saying “make it rain up in here”

My knuckle head neighbor discharged his firearm out of his house into the neighbor behind him. Not sure what is going to happen to him, but I am keeping an eye on him for now.

sounds like you have great neighbors!