Roof New Construction

Comments on this? New Construction. Roof Sheathing about 2inch gap from fascia. Underlayment about 2inch from edge of sheathing. No drip edge.

8984 028 web.jpg

8984 013 web.jpg

Looks like another Builder in training.
Doesn’t quite meet section R905.

Wonder how they think sometimes.


Looks like your no going to make friends with the contractor.

That’s the OKIE retirement fund, job security, hold back method.

When work gets slow they migrate down to Texas, we’re getting it from both directions.

Dang illegal aliens!

Nice find.

Come on now Barry, it is not nice to talk about our neighbors like that, ha. ha.

Man, I am glad Maine is to far to migrate and walk too. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

This makes is easier for the Tree rats to keep warm.
Roy Cooke

Please tell us that was on a dog house!

Geez. I must be working too much, how do tree rats stay warm in a tree and what does that saying mean.??

Carl; What does it have to do with what is on the dog house.
Pardon my ignorance. S.V.P.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Your teasing me Marcel .
They do not stay warm in a tree they come into your home Toronto has millions and they must love them because they are protected big time .
Some people call them Squirrels .
The inspection I did on Thursday a 6 plex had more then you could count .
Looked like a thousand yes a thousand in and out and all around they went
where they stop no one knows.

Roy Cooke

Carl; What does it have to do with what is on the dog house.
Pardon my ignorance. S.V.P.


Dog houses are not inspected by city codes officials! Might be a better reason for it being that way!

No reason even a dog deserves better!:mrgreen:

The squirrels and bats will love this house!

Maybe that would be more their size to inspect and they forgot to look at the House. ha. ha.

Marcel :wink:

**Ouch!:smiley: **

So the bulider comes out to look at the roof today, and tells the owner that “its fine there is a 3” leeway for the felt paper, thats what the starter course shingle is for" :shock:


… and underlayment is optional, that’s what the shingles are for!"

Squirrels and tennis raquets are a good combination. Tree squirrels become flying squirrels. Easier on the raquet if you can catch them in mid-air.