What do you think of this roof

This is the roof I inspected on a new constructed…my best guess it was done on friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon, after a few BEERS!!

Are there building codes and inspectors in your part of Missouri, Anthony?

Musta run out of ridge shingles and thought…“No one will ever see up here” :shock:

I don’t think there are any from some of the homes I have seen

This is too shoddy for new construction. The roof field itself looks great.

I’ll bet the roofers ran out of shingles and they are simply covering this void until more shingles arrive.

I would simply report “incomplete roofing installation at all hips and ridge line”.

Looks like an “aw shucks” we really needed one more bundle. Since the rest looks reasonable I’d guess somebody thought it was a way to seal that ridge until they could get more shingles.

Of course if it’s been more then a few days then somebody forgot toi get more shingles.

Simple really. Ran out of shingles for the ridge caps, used what they had lying around, in the course of doing the job they got paid their full price, no reason to go back and finish the job properly. See this attitude all the time and not just with roofers. I warn people constantly about not paying until the job is done. Whoever did the estimate miss figured how many bundles of three tabs he was going to need to make the caps. The whole job reflects poorly on whomever did the job. As said, the shingles in the field look pretty good. Like making a beautiful ice cream sundae then topping it off with couple of "nuggets"out of the cat box.

I usually chalk it up to being done on a Friday afternoon or first thing Monday morning. Workmanship sucks anymore.

Ran out of shingles. Might be back, might not be.

I am surprised they let you walk on the roof, unless of course, the home had already closed. Down here we cannot bring a ladder on site while the builder still owns the home.

Improper installation of cap shingles.


Ya think?