Roof repair

Roofing contractor needs to evaluate for repairs / replacement. :wink: Quite sure it will be replacement.

roof replace.JPG

You’ll definitely be able to get more time out of those particular shingles.

This roof will not leak until it rains again…


How old was this roof?
No doubt in my mind that it had to be replaced.


8 yrs, what was told.


How can a roof shingle last just 8 years?


What were the critical elements involved in it’s short years?


No ventilation. Surrounded by woods, and lake, and lastly cheap shingles.

Very interesting, I have seen shingle with no less than 18 years well served.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I like it–I think it looks…uhmm…“quaint.”

Jae, Quaint? looks like paint.

Quite easily.

The roof related to this picture was only 2 years old. It was a 10-year roof and sellers were able to prove that it was installed only two years ago. Unfortunately, sellers had closed all the soffit vents, gable vents, and the nice turbine vents shown in the picture. They were furious at me for saying that the roof was at the end of its useful life. However, once I educated them, they understood. Still didn’t like it, though. Unfortunately, the roofing company didn’t honor the warranty because of the homeowner screw-ups. The roof had been totally burned because of the lack of ventilation, and this in a desert environment where we get 11 months of sunshine and hot, dry Santa Ana winds for three or four months.


hey, I just tore that same roof off of my sisters house this summer for her, glad to see its being recycled, reroofed hers and added the venting it was lacking, along with replacing every bit of roof sheathing, the whole darn thing was rotted our feet went through many times on the tearoff,seriously it looked worse than that one, wish I wouldve taken pics of hers

The “No ventilation” was a given.

Adam, A Plus

Hey Ben. I’m new here, but have been roofing for teh past 18 years. No way this roof is only 8 years old. Ventilation or no ventilation. It’s more like 20 or more.

Hey, Steve.

I called out a roof as being at the end of its useful life only to have the sellers become furious, at the inspection. They had the 10-year roof put on only two years ago, and they were able to prove it there on the spot with receipts, canceled checks, etc. Unfortunately, they had covered the turbine vents with black plastic garbage bags, put plywood over the gable vents and soffit vents, and left the poor roof to burn in our 11 months of sunshine here. The roofing company did not honor the warranty because of the homeowner modifications.

Steve, read above, that is what I was told. There were some areas on the house that did look good, and could pass for 8 yrs. I can only go by what I was told. There were no permits. The end result is repair / replacement as needed.