Roof shape

What do you guys call these- 1/2 gables, shed? see pics of back left. Would you guys add these sides as other, against the hip? Appreciate feedback

valdes 011.jpg

valdes 012.jpg

Usually if it’s a combo I just say hip and gable (or whatever). Not a biggie here but that may be different in FL.

For a wind mit:

I would count the sides of the “shed” as gables even thought they are 1/2 gables. The end of the “shed” would be defined as hip on the 1802 form.

Hope that helps!

that does help, thats what i was thinking, thanks

I have been considering the side as a gable because it is a 1/2 gable I don’t know if it is correct or not but that is how I see it.

They are really a continuation of the hip when the roof line dips below the normal truss bearing elevation. Like John S. described, definately hip at the bottom edge. I would probably run my calcs using the sides as a half gable and see if I have a border line scenario. However, if sides of the half gable were falling below a tie beam elevation of 8’ in the area in question, I might consider classifying the sides as hip – this would also be an indication of an add on, for what its worth.

what is the pitch of that roof