Hip or Gable

Would you consider these sides of the house hip or gable?



They are all hip except for one small gable on right front if you want to be technical.

There are no gables in those pictures.

“Technically”, there are two gable walls on the front elevation, and one in the second photo.

Agree with Toye

You get good gas mileage in that Escape?:flushed:

And that’s why you don’t do wind mits…

No. Look up the definition of a gable. Those are non hip or considered a shed roof, not a gable.

Well, at least we got that cleared up.:roll:

If there is or isn’t a wall within the attic at the exterior wall wouldn’t that determine if it’s non-hip?

No I do not think so. I would have to see it to say for sure. Got any example photos?

Here’s one? I’m looking for another.


Here’s another.

Isn’t the reason for the credit because in a true hip there is not a weak end wall in the attic to allow for wind to penetrate? Not just because of shape.

The original structure is not a hip roof geometry…the second is a no-brainer.

other on this one clipped or dutch gable I believe they are call it.


I believe it is due to uplift from wind but did not do the studies nor read them so I do not know for sure. I know a 2 story 1/2 block 1/2 masonry with a hip roof gets the hip roof credit.

You believe they are “other” or hip?

I know they are OTHER. not hip :slight_smile:

They are not gables…they are however, non-hip.