Roof Style Question

Experienced inspectors:

Would this roof be considered a Mansard style roof?



I’m not experienced but when I search “Mansard Style Roof” on google images, I see a lot of pictures similar to yours.


Thanks Dave!
I did the same thing and think that I have chosen the right style for my report. It has a very similar shape to a gable roof until we have those down slope where a gable vent would normally be.

I will wait until we get some super experienced guys putting in their two cents :slight_smile:

Not Mansard. Clipped gable or Jerkinhead

A Mansard is described in this article: and this might be useful:

Jerkinhead pictures on google looks just like that house. Learned something else, thanks!

Here’s another good article on that type of roof.
Have a great day everyone.

Thank you all! What a great organization of support! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick! I read this article in search of the right answer and this is information is straight out of the basic roof inspection course offered, but the clipped gable or jerkinhead mentioned or picture, hence my inability to figure out.

The illustration that Jeffrey R. Jonas shared would be great to put in our teaching literature.

I love the support we get from all of you… TOP NOTCH! I have already recruited :slight_smile:

Everything in is yours (it belongs to the membership), so every member can use whatever they find in there (thousands of images) however they like.

Many members put images from the gallery in their reports.