Roof and dormer types

Roof and dormer types.


Cool pic THANKS Dave! :slight_smile:

Here is some more roof type pics… Thanks BA!

Just a reminder that many SOP’s require roof type to be identified. :wink:

here is some more dormers in french too.
Maybe Marcel can translate for us :lol:

Well, we can’t use that question for QOTW now.:shock: Eh, Marc? Thanks, Dave…:p:mrgreen::smiley:

Actually educational pics, Dave…thanks. :smiley:

Hopefully it helps someone… at the last FABI conference there was a class about report writing to the SOP and I realized I didn’t have roof type in my template.

What is a clipped gable?

Yes?..:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Seriously, it is a gable that does not rise to a point but the upper roof sides slope back toward the gable wall.

An old carpenter that took my young arse under his wing, when I was starting out in building, called them a jerkhead roof, if I remember correctly. He said it was called that because people would jerk their head or do a double take on looking at the gable because it was so strange.


I still call it a jerkinhead roof.


Yeah like that…:slight_smile: