Roof to wall attachment

I have a cleint how is wanting to add some attachments. Its a 1930 wood frame. House and a aptment. The first 2 images (apt) I think is not going to pass. The hardware is on the bottom of the rafter. The second looks fine (house) clips. The hardware is simpson ties.

The apt is being rehabbed.

As always… Thanks for the feedback.


It looks to me like the trusses have 2x4 blocking in between them juse before the top-plate, preventing access to the sides of the trusses. Any clue why they are there and could they be removed? You could put an H1 clip on there if you could get rid of those, which is similar to the 3rd photo. Only differece is the H1 clip has just 4 holes on the face instead of what appears to be 14 points of potential attachment on that Simpson clip.

I told the client the same thing… to do a clip that would hit the side of the rafter. When I stopped back this is what they did. I dont think it will fly. They do not want to do the extra work.

Nothing good there for wind mits.

No, that will not work. E for effort, F for fail.

Funny how some people want to ‘reinforce’ a house that has been standing as an old style wood frame structure for 81 years…

None of those work. When you are working with a wood frame house, you must transfer the load all the way to the base. So as far as the top straps are concerned, they must be secured to the vertical 2 x’s, the proper strap would be a simpson mts or similar ( metal twist strap). The connections on the house, are just nailed into the siding and do nothing. The others are just nailed into the top plate, and again do nothing. All though for the purposes of the 1802 they will only look at the roof to wall, if the owner wants to retrofit properly they should also secure the bottom plate to the 2 x’s and then secure the bottom plate to the slab with appropriate anchors.

So True ! It is very funny that the 1802 form is only concerned about the load path from the truss to wall I (in regards to question #4) and has no concern of the rest of the load path. :shock: I guess they feel, what they can’t see won’t matter:roll: