Roof-to-wall Camera setup

Hello, what camera or camera set up is anyone using to take picture when in attics with low pitches. In other words, how does anyone go about determining the roof to wall connection when in tight attics?

Not that hard to use a selfie stick or a painter’s pole (lots of choices) or even a professional extension device found online or in a camera store.

Of course a good light source is mandatory, along with some nimble crawling skills.


telescoping painter pole with a bolt on the end to screw the camera on works well

I have a mono pod that goes from a about a 1.5’ to 6’ with wifi camera w/flash attached allows for manipulation in the attic but can still reach out to the eave. Also have an extension, I can add to get about 4 more feet if needed.

Cheap snake camera and painter’s pole

This… and here is a sample.

I use an extendable painters pole with a squeegee on the end to move the insulation out of the way. Then I use my telephoto lense. You need to get the baffle and insulation out of the way to find the clip anyway.

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